Wind and turbulence over ocean waves

Carl Friehe, Scott Miller, and Tihomir Hristov, University of California, Irvine
Jim Edson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The interaction of wind and waves over the ocean is a long-standing problem in fluid mechanics, with applications in wave and weather forecasting and in air-sea interaction.

The problem is further complicated by the presence of high levels of turbulence in both the atmosphere and ocean.

An experiment was conducted on the unique stable platform FLIP to measure the wind profile, turbulence and waves out in the open ocean under a variety of conditions. A description of the experiment will be presented. A short video will show the operation of FLIP and the instrumentation.

The main research questions addressed are the relevance of the ``Law of the Wall'' wind profile above waves, and the elucidation of wave-coherent momentum transfer.

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Last Modified: March 18, 1998