GALCIT Fluid Mechanics Seminars 97-98

GALCIT Fluid Mechanics Seminars

Academic Year 1997-98

The Fluid Mechanics seminars are held on Fridays, at 3:00pm during the academic year, in Room 306 of the Firestone Building (#50 on the Caltech Campus Map). In the schedule that follows, the abstract of each talk can be viewed by clicking on the title and a brief biographical note of the speaker can be viewed by clicking on the speaker's name.

First quarter

Friday, 3 October
Chris L. Bond, Caltech
Mixing in high Reynolds number shear layers

Friday, 10 October
L. S. Yao, Arizona State University
A wave theory of viscous flows

Friday, 17 October
Omer Savas, University of California, Berkeley
Dynamics of co-rotating vortex pairs in the wakes of flapped airfoils

Friday, 24 October
Jeff Greenough, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A material interface tracking approach for multi-fluid hydrodynamics

Friday, 31 October
Garry Brown, Princeton University
Progress towards a radiatively-driven hypersonic wind tunnel

Friday, 7 November
Keiko Nomura, University of California, San Diego
The structure and dynamics of vorticity and rate of strain in incompressible homogeneous turbulence

Friday, 14 November
Charles Meneveau, Johns Hopkins University
Kinetic energy dissipation by subgrid-scale stresses in turbulent flows

Friday, 21 November
Dietrich Bechert, DLR, Berlin
Biological Surfaces. Laboratory and flight experiments on drag reduction and separation control

Friday, 28 November
Thanksgiving Recess

Friday, 5 December
Geoff Spedding, University of Southern California
The evolution and decay of initially-turbulent wakes in a stably-stratified environment

Second quarter

Friday, 9 January
Paul Dimotakis and Ron Henderson, Caltech
Image Correlation Velocimetry and Direct Numerical Simulation of the flow around an accelerating NACA-0012 airfoil

Friday, 16 January
Said Elghobashi, University of California, Irvine
Evolution of flame surface in buoyant and nonbuoyant turbulent nonpremixed reactions

Friday, 23 January
Jonathan Freund, University of California, Los Angeles
Compressibility effects in a turbulent annular mixing layer

Friday, 30 January
C. Pozrikidis, University of California, San Diego
Singularities at fluid interfaces in viscous flow

Friday, 6 February
Roy Gould, Caltech
Collisionless damping and echoes in fluids

Friday, 13 February
Philip Marcus, University of California, Berkeley
The reverse turbulent cascade and the creation of Jovian-like zonal flows

Friday, 20 February
Jeff Jacobs, University of Arizona
Two membraneless Richtmyer-Meshkov instability experiments

Friday, 27 February
Roger Blandford, Caltech
The magnetohydrodynamics of astrophysical disks, jets, and black holes

Friday, 6 March
Mike Slessor, Caltech
Dynamics and mixing of turbulent shear-layer flows

Friday, 13 March
C. K. Law, Princeton University
Kinetics and transport in nonpremixed ignition of hydrogen by heated air

Third quarter

Friday, 3 April
Lawrence Sirovich, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Wall-bounded turbulence and drag reduction

Friday, 10 April
Richard Klein, University of California, Berkeley
Interaction of supernova shockwaves with interstellar clouds: from the Nova laser to the galaxy

Friday, 17 April
Gerd Meier, DLR Göttingen
Unsteady vortex dynamics

Friday, 24 April
Michael Dennin, University of California, Irvine
Spatio-temporal chaos in electroconvection: attempting to predict the next step

Friday, 1 May
Doug Shiels, Caltech
Bluff-body flow simulation using a viscous vortex-element method

Friday, 8 May
Jean-Paul Davis, Caltech
High-enthalpy shock/boundary-layer interaction on a double wedge

Friday, 15 May
Allen Puckett
The GALCIT Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Friday, 22 May
Carl Friehe, University of California, Irvine
Wind and turbulence over ocean waves

Friday, 29 May
Shaun Shariff, Caltech
Numerical simulation of hypersonic viscous flows with the stepback method

Friday, 6 June
Tony Perry, University of Melbourne
New evolution equations for turbulent boundary layers in arbitrary pressure gradients

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